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Those of you who attended the National Association of
Government Communicators 2013 Communications School will undoubtedly remember
from Vuk Vujnović, Acting Director of the Public Relations Bureau for the
Government of Montenegro. He is leading an effort to establish open and
transparent government in South Eastern Europe’s nation states and has created
the South Eastern European Government Communications (SEECOM) forum.

Government communicators from agencies representing nearly a
dozen nations are participating in this effort. The group met for the first
time last September (2012) and adopted the
Budva Declaration.
Today, the group came together again to further their work and build a more
unified congress to address the issues of openness and transparency.
The second SEECOM conference opened this evening with several high-level
keynote speakers. The proceedings included Deputy Prime Minister of Montenegro
Dus̆ko Marković, United Nations Resident Coordinator Rastislav Vrbensky, Deputy
Chief of Mission at the U.S. Embassy to Montenegro Douglas Jones, Deputy Head
of European and International Cooperation for Konrad-Adenaer-Stiftung Frank
Priess, and Chief of Staff of the Regional Coooperation Council Jovan Tegovski.
These weren’t just a bunch of high-level politicos
delivering platitudes – these folks understand the importance of successful
government communications.
Throughout the room, heads were nodding in agreement when
Embassy Deputy Chief Jones said, “When Government communicators are empowered
to do their jobs, society benefits – the public is more informed and engaged,
governments make better decisions, trust in government increases and corruption
Yes, Mr. Jones – we couldn’t agree more! Nothing is more
powerful than empowered communicators.
The enthusiasm of this group is astounding. They come
together with open minds, dedicated to the success of the effort, and a can-do spirit
bolstered by a willingness to serve untainted by naysayers. I am honored to take
part and bear witness to this historic endeavor.

posted by John Verrico, President-Elect, National Association of Government Communicators

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