Seven Levels of Leadership

People often ask me if anyone can be a leader. My response is an enthusiastic, “yes!” My belief in everyone’s ability to lead stems from the core idea that leadership is the stance one takes in life, not the positions or titles one occupies. Leadership is love in action be it in the home, the office or the community. And, it is way of life that does not change from one setting to the next.

Everyone has the opportunity to be leader in their life regardless of where they are or what they are doing. So what does leadership at each of these levels look like?

· Self: These leaders know what are their talents, skills and passion and easily communicate to everyone they encounter through words, actions and deeds. Their life speaks for itself.

· Intimates: Leadership at this level is having healthy, dynamic, loving relationships with those with whom you are closest. Change and conflict are a part of these relationships and are addressed openly and with respect.

· Close Connections: Leaders at this level exercise, express and test the leading edge of their talents, skills and passion while understanding that growth and change occur by supporting and being supported by others in a constant, effortless cycle of expansion.

· Common Community: This level of leadership allows people to begin walking their leadership in the world, to put into practice their passions and serve those around them in easy effortless ways.

· Interest Community: At work and in volunteer organizations leaders become the people seeking growth, change and resolution that benefit all. These leaders are personally satisfied with their relationships at the prior levels of leadership so that their contribution to this community and beyond are based in true service and not the seeking external approval for emotional fulfillment.

· Geographic Community: These leaders are aware of their environment and the delicate balance of the relationships between individual and group. They seek out ways to interact with and support the greater community in a way best suited to their unique leadership style.

· World Community: Leadership at this level evolves from intense and sustained dedication from the world in front of the leader—those that ultimately change the world at this level do so from being singularly focused on what is in front of them and allowing the ripples of their leadership to impact increasingly larger groups of people.

Everyone is a member of these levels of communities by virtue of being alive. It is up to each one of us to decide how we will engage in these communities and the quality of our engagement. To lead the life you want to live, become aware of your impact on these groups and open yourself to the leader you already are.

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