Shared Services Canada – The case for Enterprise Cloud Computing


Migrating to Shared Service Cloud Computing – Webinar

Canadian Federal Government recently announced plans to create a single IT department ‘Shared Services’ that will save $100-200m a year through consolidation-driven efficiencies.

Our webinar will:

  • Introduce ‘Enterprise Cloud Computing’
  • Explain how it is applied in Government
  • Specifically how it can be utilized to achieve these Shared Service goals

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I’m intrigued with this concept. Makes a lot of sense but at same time it’s always really hard to centralize and get everyone’s buy-in.

What’s your take?

Neil McEvoy

I think it’s a very easy win. There’s no doubt there’s a huge amount of fatty duplications, excess infrastructure etc., that a consolidation exercise will tackle and yield big cost savings and increased efficiencies.

At a time that Cloud is also maturing too, there’s big low hanging fruit that can be achieved.