Sharing the Road in 1906

The other day I saw a link posted for one of the most interesting transportation videos I have ever seen. It is about an 11-minute video of a trip down Market Street in San Francisco in 1906 before the fire/earthquake. From what I have read about it, someone filmed it with a camera placed in front of a street car that was moving down the road. One of the thoughts I had as I viewed it is that this is a perfect example of how many forms of transportation share a road. There are a multitude of pedestrians, bicycles, street cars, motor vehicles, and horse-driven vehicles moving everywhere. While it is very interesting to watch how everything interacts, I can’t help but wonder how many accidents and injuries were experienced. And I wonder how efficient it was.

I also found out someone filmed the same journey in 2005. It is interesting to watch both and compare how transportation has changed and how it has remained the same in 100 years. What will it be like 100 more years from now?

(Here is the link to the film in case the embed below is not working: and here is a link to an article with more information about the actual film:

Here is the 2005 video:


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