Simple Everyday Leadership Lesson

Today as I was driving to work I decided to try something new! I spotted a potential shortcut in my route, a road I must have somehow missed on other days and I decided to drive down it just to see where it would lead me. I was already running behind schedule so I wasn’t sure I wanted to try something new, but I went ahead and did it anyways. It worked! The new shortcut will save me 5 minutes a day and allow me to avoid a stop light on a busy street!

The Lesson Today;

Sometimes you have to take a chance, try a new route and change the way you have always gone to work in the past. Even small changes in your route can produce positive change.

Nateria Dickey

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Carol Davison

When I started ELDP 18 months ago I decide to choose the path I had less traveled each time. Since that time I’ve swam, caught piranha and visited a Shaman in the Amazon and made friends there, coached my gay mentee into a new job series and prospective fatherhood (I’ve stood up for my homosexual fiends since age 13, but single men want to have babies?! Astounding! This requierd new programming on my part.) I was challenged and grew under my Vietnamese Buddhist mentor who quotes the bible to me. When I laugh at that she asks “How do you know I wasn’t a Christian in a previous life?” Addtionally, as an introvert I challenged myself to socialize as much as possible. Since making that decision, I’ve enjoyed too many growth experiences to list here.

Amalia Bozoki

What they say about “the grass is not always green on the other side of the fence” is true with some changes. I’ve been doing my old job for a while and became bored, so I applied for other jobs which ended up to be a promotion. I should have been happy, but the promotion caused the separation from my husband as he was not able to find a job in the new place where I work. So, now I’m struggling to find a job where he is so we can be re-joined again. I agree change is good, but not all change is rewarding. We also need to consider when something is working right, and nothing is broke, don’t change it.

Jeff Ribeira

And even if the new route ended up not being as much of a shortcut as you thought, at least you tried!! Many aren’t even willing to go that far. Not all risks pay off in the end, but that doesn’t mean we should stop taking them.

Dannielle Blumenthal

There is a possible shortcut I keep meaning to try (literally – road) but I am afraid I will get lost. Nateria you have given me the courage to just try it!

Seriously, thank you this is very good advice.