SLA 2011: ROI and Beyond

The SLA Division of Government Information was the lead division for the Wednesday, June 15, 2011 program: ROI and Beyond. The speakers were Jennifer Klang, U.S. Department of the Interior Library, and James King, National Institutes of Health Library.

Here are a few takeaways from the program:

SLA 2011- Jennifer Klang

Some thoughts on how to increase ROI in your library from Jennifer Klang:

  • Offer free training classes and instruction
  • Add library tours to new employee orientations
  • Publish and share your ideas
  • Develop a great website or intranet site
  • Offer lectures from experts at your organization (DOI Library offers a very popular Park Ranger Talk series.)
  • Review best practices of other libraries
  • Attend organization-wide events and all hand meetings

SLA 2011 - James King

Some thoughts on how to increase ROI in your library from James King:

  • Is technology changing our mindset about how we are viewing our libraries and our organizations?
  • Our job is not to be static but to deeply know what our people need and how to provide it to them.
  • To what degree are we part of the flow of the workplace?
  • Web and digital technology means it’s no longer about iterative change. Think mind set, work processes.
  • Now more than ever, we need to be value-driven and relevant.
  • Some users and groups are more important than others even though we might hate to say it.
  • When you are delivering more than documents, you are putting your name to a result. It’s risky but that makes you the info professional.
  • If handhelds are the next device we going to be there. To be relevant we need to be risks.

You can view Jennifer Klang’s slides here: Return on Investment for Libraries and Librarians: Quantifying and Qualifying Value in a Budget-Conscious World.

You can view James King’s slides here: The Library’s (Potential) Role in Creating Research Metrics for Their Organization.

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