Slumdog Millionaire is the Movie of the Year and the Super Bowl Pick

The Hokie Guru hasn’t posted much as of late because he’s back in another accounting class (and his last one). The Hokie Guru is trying to convert to the auditor job series (Office of Personnel Management qualifications right here) in the federal government.

Let’s get right to it… the Hokie Guru’s favorite movie this year is Slumdog Millionaire. You can find a synopsis of the move right here. Here’s short summary of the movie: A young 18-year old kid (Jamil) from the Mumbai (Bombay) slums is rocking on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. He answers each question from the stories throughout his life of poverty. The police, however, think that kid is cheating. How can this guy from the lower class be answering all of these questions right? In a true romantic fashion, Jamil follows the love of his life, Lakita, throughout each story. The movie challenges the Indian caste system; you aren’t destined to be lower class all your life and you can rise up. And Jamil gets the girl and they life happily ever after. The Hokie Guru loved the movie and recommends that everyone see it. Here’s the trailer:

Slumdog is the Hokie Guru’s pick to win a picture of the year. If you see one movie this year, you must see this movie.

I bet you didn’t think that the Hokie Guru, Govloop’s Bureaucrat on Sports, would also be the entertainment guru. Yep, it’s true. It’s two for one with the Hokie Guru.

The Super Bowl

The “suits” did not want Arizona and Pittsburgh in the Super Bowl… these two teams are from the two of the smallest markets in the National Football League. Arizona got to the Super Bowl by defeating the Philadelphia Eagles; Pittsburgh made it by defeated the Baltimore Ravens in the Roman Colesium where men are men.

Take a look at this hit by the Steelers’ Ryan Clark on the Ravens’ Willis Mcgahee:

And that is why the Hokie Guru did not play football.

The Hokie Guru has been waivering all week long on who to pick in this game… should he go for the upset? Can the Steelers contain Larry Fitzgerald (he is sick)?

Or should he go with the Roman gladiator, the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Something tells the Hokie Guru that Larry Fitzgerald will be double-teamed all day long.

Toga, Toga!! Steelers win the Super Bowl!! Have a great week!!

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Been meaning to see Slumdog – unfortunately down here in Tampa it’s not at a ton of theaters. As a former Philly boy and Eagles fan, I was hoping for a Steelers/Eagles Super Bowl and hoping they would move the game to State College but to no avail. I’m going Steelers as well and picking as having the lamest commercial