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Govloop GovBowlMania College Bowl Pick’em Status Update!! Extra Awesomeness today!!

Good Afternoon, Govloopers!! Going with the green and red text due to the holiday season, eh? WOO!! Greetings from snowy North Dakota!! This is where the Hokie Guru, your government bureaucrat on sports, spends the holiday season. A true white Christmas in Mayville, Fargo, and Wahpeton, ND. Road Trip!!!! News and Notes: By now, theRead… Read more »

Slumdog Millionaire is the Movie of the Year and the Super Bowl Pick

The Hokie Guru hasn’t posted much as of late because he’s back in another accounting class (and his last one). The Hokie Guru is trying to convert to the auditor job series (Office of Personnel Management qualifications right here) in the federal government. Let’s get right to it… the Hokie Guru’s favorite movie this yearRead… Read more »