Snow Storm Survival Kit

If you have been around the Washington DC area long enough, you will know that whenever there is a single snowflake forecasted to fall on the ground, there is run at the grocery store for critical items such as:

I have never understood the critical need for milk, bread and toilet paper during a snowstorm.

Whenever I hear that snowflakes are going to fall, I make sure that this is my Snow Storm Survival Kit:

Movies, red wine, great cooking recipes and my favorite t-shirt!

What is in your snow survival kit?

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Andrew Krzmarzick

Glad y’all are having a little fun…sounds like DC’s going to get blasted again – no fun for a commute this afternoon! 🙂 We’re only expecting a dusting here in NC.

Kathleen Smith

Thanks! Every now and then I get inspired and this is something that has plagued me for the eons that I have live in DC. What is the deal with milk, bread and TP? My husband has some rather interesting theories, which I will not share.
Enjoy the snow!

Patti P

I always remember a Nov., 2004 article in the NY Times that highlighted Wal-Mart’s pre-hurricane predictions for sales, based on sales data from previous hurricanes. Trucks loaded with strawberry Pop Tarts and beer beat feet to Florida, in advance of hurricane Frances. I guess it’s an acquired taste; I like Kathleen’s supplies better!