Social Business and E-Democracy in America: Two Proposals

This 2011 book by Dr. John Boik proposes two systems that would assist and encourage mass citizen cooperation, allowing citizens to claim and exercise their full power. The first system is a financial pool from which the socially-responsible businesses of the future can be funded. The second system is a people’s lobby, which would allow citizens to collectively draft the bills that they would like to see enacted by state and federal governments. In Dr. Boik’s vision, the future is collectively decided by citizens, not by big business or by legislators acting on behalf of big business or other special interests. In his vision, the people are the heroes that lead us away from our current non-sustainable culture and towards one that is green, just, vibrant, and peaceful. See this book-in-progress at

Here is the first segment of the dust jacket, according to Dr. Boik:

Human civilization is now facing severe and unprecedented challenges. Global environmental collapse, worsening economic crises, mass species extinction, and drastic shortages of water and food all loom as real possibilities in next few decades. To continue business-as-usual will virtually assure that these dreadful events befall us. In this bold and visionary book, Dr. Boik presents two concrete proposals for business-not-as-usual. If widely supported, these proposals have potential to transform both business and government from the inside out.

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