Social media 2013 – the new socialnomics video

Erik Qualman of Socialnomics has released the 2013 annual Social Media video, chock full of awe-inspiring statistics on the continuing rise of social media and its increasing influence on the world today.

In a new twist, it’s available with two different music tracks (for those of you tired of an annual dose of FatBoy Slim). I’ve embedded both versions for your viewing pleasure below.

Keep in mind that while in Australia we appear to have quite a mature social media market, with year on year change more being a factor of population ageing than increasing widespread adoption, we are only at around 50% smartphone penetration – where desktop connections to the internet sat back in 2006 – allowing for much further growth in the mobile social media market.

We also have the NBN on the way, which presents entirely new opportunities for integrated digital services, for example having ongoing real-time online conversations integrated with TV and radio experiences – an extension of the Twitter hashtags and forums used to support popular programs today.

Around the world there is much ‘blue sky’ growth remaining for social media, with over 50% of the world’s population under the age of 30, the rapid rate of mobile adoption in countries across asia and africa and the fact that even the largest social network in the world (Facebook) only has 14% of the world’s population as members.

Continued rising social media use around the world will trigger the development of new services which, in turn, will further drive adoption in countries like Australia – such as how the emergence of platforms like Ushahidi from Kenya have led to global adoption of new tools for public engagement.

Socialnomics’ Social Media Video 2013 with FatBoy Slim music:

Socialnomics’ Social Media Video 2013 with new music:

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