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Social Media Challenges — Gov 2.0 conference group brainstorm

Concern about legalities, compliance (in GSA the Social Media Order has about 12 different areas of compliance social media needs to adhere to).

Lack of overall organizational direction / overall gameplan / strategy and plan for how social media will complement the traditional communications approaches — and do it in a way where it doesn’t just add work and redundancy but provides real compelling additional value and creates improvements.

Knowing that whatever social media tools we develop will get some good traction among the audiences that could use social media (if we build it well, they will come) — not a good development would be to develop some very good social media tools having devoted considerable resources to their development only to have them not succeed due to lack of use and interest among the community (even if the community had said they would use the tools in the pre-development surveys, focus groups and other research we may have done).

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Good post…seems like you are in place that many agencies are. I’m with you on launching of the tools – the built it and they will come – approach is usually not very successful. Need a real business need or way it adds value to keep people coming back.