Social Media Monitoring – Government Edition

Does your government agency monitor the social media for information relevant to your mission? Should it?

IBM’s Analytics Solution Center recently held a seminar to explore how agencies and companies can obtain value and insight using social media analysis.

Pat Fiorenza discussed how agencies can develop an ROI Model – Return on Influence Model – for social media. Agencies use social media analytics to help inform their decision making by gathering information/research, and learn what other agencies and citizens are saying. Interesting examples from CDC and Govloop were provided. Learn more here.

Ed Burek, IBM, talked about how savvy companies are now taping into customer generated content, how government agencies could do the same to learn how tax payers feel about government actions and messaging. He gave examples of how regulatory agencies could received the unvarnished comments from those impacted by regulations, as well as how they could stay on top of “negative chatter.” IBM has created a framework to derive business insight from the vast amounts of social media that is now being transmitted. Called Cognos Consumer Insight it provides real time information on trends and sentiment.

Rick Lawrence, IBM Manager for Machine Learning at Watson Research Center next talked about the leading edge of social media analytics. He provided examples from the research portfolio on discovering Who are the Key Influencers? , Identifying emerging topics of discussion, and Mapping the billions of tweet to concepts that we really care about.

All of the presentations are available on the ASC website under Past Events (May 10, 2012)

Does your agency care about what its constituents are saying about it on social media? Does your agency need to have real time intelligence on events within its mission space? With 340 million Tweets per Day, 2 million blog posts, and 500 million facebook updates, how can you find the important information? Social Media Analytics may be an idea whose time has come.

Frank Stein

Analytics Solution Center

P.S. The Center for the Business of Government issued a new report on Tweeting in Government. Pat provided a good overview here.

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Chris Cairns

Where can I find out more about what type of work you’re doing in this area? Any case studies? Whitepapers?

Frank Stein

Chris, the presentations from the Seminar are on the ASCwebsite

I can also send you further information if you would like.

Chris Cairns

Yes, I see I have to fill out a long form to get access to the doc. I guess that’s a good way to really qualify your leads. “We know if they take the 10 mins to fill this form out, they are really interested in learning more.”