Social Media Webinars

One of my long-term goals has been to create a set of basic webinars about each social media tool: blogs, wikis, photo sharing, social networking, etc.

Our target audience is government staff who don’t know much about social media; these won’t be advanced webinars with a lot of implementation detail (maybe we’ll get to that later).

One of the folks on my team is now getting started, and we need help. In true social media fashion, we’re going to post outlines to the Social Media Subcouncil wiki and take everyone’s edits for a couple of weeks, then proceed to creating each webinar.

We just posted the first one, on blogging, so please help us! You’ll need to get a free account on the wiki. We give ’em to anyone to asks, inside gov’t or not – we just find that having some form of account name cuts down on the silliness that comes from anonymity.

Help us out and edit the blog outline or leave a comment.


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Al Fullbright

I have to admit, I haven’t a clue about how to use this stuff. I just do trial and error until I get a result. Sometimes I get things posted to the wrong place or cant get the pictures to fit with the text, etc. But some training of some kind would be great for us newbies.