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Social Searching Everything, For Everyone

inTTensityWhat could you do if you had access to all of twitter all at once? What if you combined that with 75 million other data feeds? And combined it with an easy-to-use-tool and impressive visuals? What if it were a service software?

That’s exactly what the Social Media Command Center from InTTENSITY is. It’s your social media and Internet war room — replete with maps, calenders, lists of events and people. Its primary purpose: to allow users to quickly view their search/filter information and utilize it to make intelligent decisions based on social media information from the Internet.

How it works:

InTTENSITY servers constantly crawl over 75 million social media sources. As the data is imported into the system, a set of processing rules defined by the user is run over the imported data and marked up. This markup data can be stored on request by users for up to 6 months from the implementation of the rules.

Processing rules are created by using a workbench, a thick client which allows users to create processing rules using the natural language processing engine. Creating a rule with this method requires some training, but allows for very powerful rules and high levels of specificity. Without using the engine, users of the social media workbench can create simple searches based off of keywords or simple metadata such as location. All rules are processed by the engine and assigned critical information such as positivity and negativity ratings (how did the user feel about what they were talking about) and location.

Once data has been marked with the processing rules, it is sent to processing clusters and then displayed to the user on the Social Media Command Center which provides a very intuitive interface for people to view their topics, location, and more. The interface provides easy methods to drill down topics and get into the details.

Easy as Pie

This technology is possible because of the 75 different patents that InTTENSITY holds in processing this type of information. It’s also because the InTTENSITY product is a conglomeration of two strong natural language processing engines put together. This, put together with the access to the 75 million data feeds and the entirety of twitters traffic (excepting private tweets), combines into a technology which any marketing or intelligence official would give their left arm for.

Everyone Gets a Slice

The Social Media Command Center and the workbench allow information technology personnel to create and define searches and terms for users to monitor in real-time. This in turn allows people in marketing to determine how the new ad campaign is working, the employees in PR to determine how people are viewing the company, and engineers to discover any bugs or product issues, all in real-time. This tool can provide you total social media knowledge while keeping both time and money low.

Go check out InTTENSITY’s Social Media Command Center now at inttensity.com.

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