Special Agent Oso: Memoirs from Maine (#001)

Remember “Special Agent Oso??” Well, it’s that time of year where the special agent joins his “mom” (Chief Marketing Officer Kathleen Smith) along for the annual summer getaway! This will be the first in a handful of blog posts where we recount some of Special Agent Oso,’s aka Chief Security Officer for ClearedJobs.Net, various summer time adventures in beautiful Maine!

Out of shape!
Special Agent Oso, on work travel assignment for the months of July and August, is quickly learning that he is very out of shape. This was first stated by his vet at his annual check-up prior to leaving. Dr. Gary Schraeder pronounced Special Agent Oso three pounds overweight. This may not sound like much but to a 12 year old large breed, this can create havoc with joints like shoulders and hips. The culprit? Too many treats for doing a good security job and not enough walks due to the extreme weather changes in the Washington DC area for the last three months.

First stop in Maine
Once in Maine, Special Agent Oso’s first stop was the Camden Independence Day festival at the Camden Snow Bowl which featured a Working Dog Agility competition sponsored by the Thom Lambert and the Knox County Humane Society. Dogs of every breed, size, shape and age, competed in an agility course that included jumps, tunnels, tires and obstacles. Most dogs were just so excited that they just ran circles around their trainers and then the obstacle course.

All dogs are swimmers, didn’t you know?
Another interesting feature in the mid-coast Maine area is that almost every dog swims. Big dogs, little dogs, every kind of dog imaginable swims! Special Agent Oso is learning that there are “creatures” such as trout, loons, box turtles and of course the infamous snapping turtle, in the water. As a result, Special Agent Oso remains ever so vigilant as he enters the water, always making sure to stop before the water touches his belly. He also sounds the security alarm anytime one of his charges goes into the water as well.

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Kathleen Smith

yes we have heard of this, but we have had Special Agent Oso well before the show launched and Oso is 12 years old so he has been around a bit longer.

Kathleen Smith

He is a great dog! Very loyal and personable! His special interest in military working dogs in active duty and those who are retiring looking for new homes. He is putting together a care pacakge for 10 dogs settling into their new kennel in Iraq as we “speak”.