Splunk for the IT Manager

Let Splunk Manage your data while you manage your enterprise

Data is exploding, Big Data is in every environment. Organizations are finding new tools to analyze and govern their IT capabilities, but not without a cost. How decision makers sense-make of all this data is the newest challenge. How are they to integrate dashboard after dashboard, pooling data from legacy and next generation services?

This is no easy task, yet it is exactly what Splunk has undertaken to accomplish. Splunk takes machine data and transforms it into real operational intelligence for the enterprise. At the highest level, all of your logs and other machine data can be fed into Splunk. By monitoring and analyzing this data, Splunk gives you a transparent view of your enterprise.

Why Splunk?

Well Splunk offers free to use software. It is absolutely free for small projects, so you can prove its efficacy in your enterprise. This enables decision makers to determine whether or not Splunk can add value to their enterprise.

Splunk has a huge developer community. While they already offer mobile capabilities, there are also around 200 apps developed for Splunk and available on their community site. These “Apps” are commonly used reports and dashboards for different user communities and different technologies. The availability of these “apps” speed up the time to value that Splunk already offers.

Splunk offers REST APIs for every feature in the software. This further enables development. Splunk provides this data in easy to read XML format. Openness to APIs shows a real dedication to the future.

Splunk integrates all of your logs, providing easy reading

Splunk offers a transparent view of the IT enterprise, which can help identify weaknesses, determine inefficiencies and provide knowledge. As enterprises expand (and get more complicated) transparency is more valuable. Let Splunk help you figure out your IT needs and capabilities.

Come to Splunk Live in DC!

If you are interested in Splunk, head over to their website (here). OR please check out Splunk Live in DC. May 15th, 2012. This great event will be hosted at the Ronald Reagan International Trade Center and our own @BobGourley will be speaking too. (Info here).

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