Stand Up, Get Noticed

Quote: “Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.” – Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States

Another way to get paid more and promoted faster is being willing to volunteer.

When I was a Letter Carrier, I knew that I wanted to eventually become a writer for the Postal Service. So whenever I heard about a potential story, I would on my own time mind you, after I completed my mail duties, go out and interview people. I would then write up the story and submit it the Public Affairs Department. I did this repeatedly and eventually, you guessed it, I got the job.

One of the main reasons I was able to land the job was that I took action and that action enabled me to meet people and develop relationships that were essential in my promotion.

So when I speak of volunteering, I am referring to taking on responsibilities that will lead you to rub shoulders with, in a sense, with top executives in your organization. For example, in my organization, every year we have a campaign called the Combined Federal Campaign. This is when each employee is asked to donate a portion of his earnings to help those in need. Every year someone needs to spearhead the campaign. Can that somebody be you? Is there something similar in your organization? Can you take the lead and make it the very best?

You never know whom you will meet. Perhaps you will get to speak to senior managers, getting a chance to talk to them and become known by them. Some of them may already know you from your outstanding work and now this opportunity affords them to put a face with a name.

So why not stand up and volunteer you never know where it will lead.

Action Item: Volunteer for an assignment at your job.

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