IJIS Institute Executive Director Emeritus appointed as a Lecturer at the George Washington University

Paul Wormeli appointed as lecturer in new IT Graduate Certificate program

Ashburn, VIRGINIA, Sept. 17, 2014 — The IJIS Institute—a nonprofit organization that focuses on mission-critical information sharing for justice, public safety, and homeland security—is pleased to announce that Executive Director Emeritus Paul Wormeli will be teaching an introductory course in George Washington University’s (GWU) new Graduate Certificate in Justice and Public Safety Information Management.

The Graduate Certificate, offered by The College of Professional Studies in association with the IJIS Institute, is the culmination of several years of work during which the IJIS Institute has collaborated with GWU to bring this program to reality.

Mr. Wormeli has been appointed as a Lecturer in Strategic Cyber Operations and Information Management and will be teaching PSSL 6255 Information Management for Justice and Public Safety Professionals, which will cover: the application of information management techniques to justice and public safety fields; emerging modes of communication within and outside organizations; and, emerging technologies, standards, and government program objectives affecting information technology (IT) implementation.

Mr. Wormeli stated, “New and tailored graduate programs such as this one can sometimes take a while to generate sustainable student interest so we are pleased that the University has chosen to continue to make this offering available while the market for it develops. I think the addition of this program represents another milestone for the Institute’s collaborative efforts with the academic world.”

This 15-credit graduate certificate may be completed in three semesters; or, may be taken as a concentration in the Safety and Security Leadership Master’s program. The program offers a hybrid format delivery where students will meet once a month on a weekend to work in class and will also complete coursework outside of class via an internet platform. In-person classes will be held at the University’s Ashburn, Virginia campus.

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About the George Washington University College of Professional StudiesEstablished in 2001, The George Washington University College of Professional Studies (CPS) is dedicated to adult learners and working professionals. CPS offers undergraduate and graduate programs that address the competency requirements of adults working in emerging and rapidly changing professions. For more information, please visit https://cps.gwu.edu.

About the IJIS InstituteThe IJIS Institute unites the private and public sectors to improve mission-critical information sharing for those who protect and serve our communities. The IJIS Institute provides training, technical assistance, national scope issue management, and program management services to help government fully realize the power of information sharing. Founded in 2001 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation with national headquarters on The George Washington University Virginia Science and Technology Campus in Ashburn, Virginia, the IJIS Institute has grown to over 200 member companies and individual associates from government, non-profit, and educational institutions from across the United States. For more information, visit our website at: http://www.ijis.org/; follow us on Twitter @ijisinstitute; read the IJIS Factor Blog; or, join us on LinkedIn at Justice and Public Safety Information Sharing.

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