Starting Somewhere

Probably not the best place to start with my blog. When I attended the PACFLTKM Conference last week I decided I needed to start a blog and the elongated name of it would be “How can I know what I think, until I see what I say?”

Knowledge management is quickly becoming a passion of mine and something I’d like to be expert in. I’ve never really wanted to be expert in anything except maybe rollerblading. So here we go…

How about listing 3 Basic Principles to Knowledge Management:

The ultimate goal of knowledge management is getting the right knowledge to the right person at the right time so that they can make the right decision.

Everybody does knowledge management.

Information management is not the same as knowledge management.

I know, I know…I didn’t really say much but hey, it’s a start. As my research continues, my dreams of becoming a KM Expert will become just that much more evident.

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John Ressler

Good start. Knowledge and information mgmt will only be more important as the amount of information being created grows exponentially. Plus KM can be really fun with the new tech from video interviews, podcasts, blogs, etc

Jack Lapke

In 6+ years of doing KM I have seen many definitions of KM, which tend to be dependent on the organization defining it and where they are in KM maturity. I have experienced that KM is about having a culture of knowledge sharing where members are empowered to share what they have learned. It’s about the processes they use and how to possibly improve those processes using available technology; not about the technology driving the processes or people.

I have been invovled with KM at PACOM and even did parts of TF exercises at PACFLT (03-05).