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Social Media Centers of Excellence? Really?

My morning Twitter feed led to me to an article released in July of this year, an intriguing if baffling idea from Dion Hinchcliffe here I put my tea down. Hard. Here’s my issue with the thoughtful piece linked above: it treats ‘social media’ as just another enterprise skill that needs to be accommodated withRead… Read more »

My Cuppa

My British lunch companion cringed when I poured sugar in the cappuccino. Not because one does not add sugar, but because one does not, apparently, add white sugar. “I can’t [pronounced ‘cahnt’] believe they gave you white sugar. That is for tea, brown sugar is for coffee.” I’d never heard that, and asked him toRead… Read more »

The ART of Collaboration

(Cross-posted from Communities & Collaboration) I was recently asked to present at the Knowledge and Innovation Network (KIN) summer workshop on the topic of “Collaborative Behaviours”. The slides I used have been posted to Slideshare and embedded at the end of this blog post. This post is a summary of the key points I madeRead… Read more »

Disturbing, this Distributing Cognition

For the umpteenth time, I yelled up the stairs to my teenaged daughter – the most unflappable human I knew. “Did you put the garbage out?” “Ok,” came the laconic response. “Ok? How is that an answer? Why do I have to remind you every week?” Minutes later, she bumbled down the stairs with aRead… Read more »

New Paradigms For Collaboration & Knowledge Sharing

I was recently asked to present at an Institute For Employment Studies event for corporate HR and Heads of Learning & Development. The slides I used are embedded at the end of this bog, and also available at Slideshare and Authorstream. The title of the event was “Getting maximum business value from your L&D activity”,Read… Read more »

Reflections: Online Information Conference 2011

Pretty exhausting, incredibly insightful and hugely enjoyable: that would sum up my three days as Chairman of this year’s Online Information Conference 2011, held at the Olympia Conference Centre between 29th November and 1st December. The last time the event will be run at this venue, but more about that later. It was impossible toRead… Read more »

36 Knowledge Sharing Barriers

[This cross-posted from Communities and Collaboration blog] I have developed a number of Knowledge Management (KM) strategies for various clients over the past 11 or so years, and was recently asked to revamp and update the KM strategy for a large UK public sector organization that had undergone a fairly radical restructure. Previous experience ofRead… Read more »

Interesting business development article release.

Part 1 in the series, Business Development is to Marketing, comprised of excerpts on Ms. Quesinberry’s Suite101 column of her upcoming business development book due for release in 2011. Whether in the throes of an initial business plan or evaluating a success-driven international enterprise, BD (business development) is the mechanism deployed to secure or maintainRead… Read more »

On Change, or Why They Hate You

In a recent listserv conversation, someone asked a very reasonable question: What does the literature say about how change agents are received? This was in the context of knowledge management (KM), and the inquiry stemmed from an honest attempt to understand the hostility experienced from some in the workforce upon being introduced to KM initiatives.Read… Read more »