State of Indiana Shows Remarkable Growth With Digital Communications Outreach

In terms of digital engagement, the State of Indiana’s
efforts to connect with its citizens has paid huge dividends. The state’s
website,, is currently connecting
with more than 1.2 million subscribers through various alerts and updates.
Amazingly, there are 1600 different subscription topics, allowing users to get
information and updates from 82 different state agencies.
The state monitors these subscriptions in order to ensure
how often they are being utilized, and eliminates updates with little or no
demand. The state uses GovDelivery’s Digital Communications Management system
in order to provide this interaction with it citizens.
The result of these digital efforts is a dynamic citizen
engagement initiative. And oh yeah, it’s saving Indiana
money, as well, to the tune of about $200,000 per year thanks to the reduction in mailing costs.
state’s top topics include:

MyDNR Newsletter: An e-newsletter than informs subscribers about
special offers, promotions, recreational opportunities, events and news from
the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.

Indiana Career Connect (ICC) Newsletter: a
private newsletter that provides information regarding ICC, the official career
site for the State of Indiana and
the Department of Workforce Development unemployment claims filing system.

Learn More IndianaNewsletter: Distributed by the Commission for Higher Education and is tailored
to meet the needs and special interests of either parents, school counselors
and educators, or anyone concerned with helping children build a solid
foundation for continued learning.

College Students: Similar to the Learn More Indiana
Newsletter, but tailored specifically for the college student. Sends general
interest press releases for college students.

I-File: Private updating service, owned by the
Department of Revenue, that sends reminders about tax deadlines to those using
the I-File system (now INfreefile).
identifying the top subscription topics, the State of Indiana
is able to pinpoint where citizens want and/or need more information and then
increase citizen engagement in those areas.
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