State of the Union 2014 at the White House Social: A Remarkable Day

It’s not every day you receive an invitation to the White House. On Tuesday, January 28th, a select group of social media savvy citizens who actively engage with the White House were invited to watch President Obama’s State of the Union live from the White House and live-tweet the address. Around 60 participants were chosen from an applicant pool of thousands, who each used 140 characters to state why they should be selected to attend. In addition to the SOTU address, the group attended a live panel discussion with senior White House officials where they were able to ask questions about the President’s message.

In the days leading up to the event, buzz grew as announcements were made online via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google +. I was happy to announce that I was among those selected.

To kick off the day, the group was invited to tour the White House. Secret Service did an excellent job making everyone feel welcome and engaged the group with a little humor and history lessons inside the tour. Some even sighted Bo and Sunny moving about. It was the start of a remarkable and unforgettable day.

Read the full blog article and view photos, tweets, and video.

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Bernetta Reese

Thank you David. It was wonderful indeed to visit and take part in the event. Great vibes with everyone and lots of savvy professionals in the audience! The White House did an excellent job with engagement.