Steve Ressler: Oh so close to being awesome

Earlier today, in an attempt to pump up the crowd at a GovDelivery event, Steve Ressler tossed a GovLoop “Gov Rock Star T-shirt” out into the crowd. It’s soared sky high…..

…..and then it landed on a water pitcher spilling water everywhere! It was oh so close to being awesome.

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Adriel Hampton

Ha! Caught his retweet about this, but posting video is a major win. A t-shirt for getting soaked at a conference – not sure about that tradeoff 😛

Jeremy Greene

To Steve’s credit, he recovered well and went on to share some great content. Just a little more power in that toss and he would have cleared all the breakables. I’m amazed someone actually caught this on video….nice work Joseph.

Terri Jones

Fortunately, our intrepid government workers and GovLoop aficionados are ready for anything! Just like working in government on any given day, sometimes it is sunny, sometimes it rains….. 🙂

Bryan Martin Firvida

The woman who got the water spilled on here — the target recipient of the t-shirt was actually behind the table where the t-shirt landed — was actually ok. Her notes were quite soggy, but she also received a GovLoop t-shirt and personal apology from Mr. Steve Ressler.

Jonathan Banks

That was actually a really good throw for a tshirt. I’ve played washing machine basketball plenty of times and never been to hit from downtown.

John Simpson

If not for the slight (but justified) hesitation at the beginning, this may have worked. It did ensure everyone was paying attention for the rest of the presentation

Dannielle Blumenthal

Hilarious. As someone with a habit of walking into glass doors, thinking that there is actually nothing there, I truly appreciate this.

Jeffrey Levy

I just saw this on the top 10 GovLoop content list. I wonder why it’s so popular 5 months afterward?

Either way, it’s hilarious!