Strange Police Calls From 2012

The listing of police calls contained in the weekly Bee Newspapers in Western New York can be quite interesting. It is amazing what people will call the police for and what crazy situations people get themselves into. The Bee Newspaper published there best of the police blotter calls for 2012. My top favorites follow. Which one do you like the best?

– Two sisters, ages 22 and 23, were having a loud argument over bacon.

– A female requested a check on her house, because her husband would be out of town and “strange things happen when he is gone”.

– A female was not happy with the way her daughter was doing the laundry.

– A female said she lost her husband inside the house.

– Police responded to a residence where a male and female were having an argument about how the pizza had been sliced.

– Security reported that a man was following a patron around a grocery store. The man told police he visited grocery stores to try to meet women.

– A man needed help removing his 150-pound Rottweiler from the bathtub.

– A male reported that someone had gone through his vehicle overnight. When asked what was taken, the complainant said, “Nothing but some old chicken nuggets”.

– A woman reported the theft of 50 “no trespassing” signs she’d placed on a portion of her property line.

– A child called 911 reporting that the battery on his toy jeep was going dead.

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