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Started going through my “paper” verses electronic archive (Plan on eventually scanning my paper archive one of these days) for materials around Architecture and Modeling. Came across emails between John Zachman, Gil Laware, Jim McGee, John Sowa, Jerry Weinberg and other brilliant minds at IBM that would give me the time of day to discuss concepts. One of the things I missed most about old IBM, now I have to wait till once a year when I go to COFES in Scottsdale for such discussions. In either event, I found my paper on the Cybernetic Factory I was looking madly for several months ago, now I just have to find my “The Body Enterprise” and “Enterprise Linguistics” presentations. Those I’ll scan for sure and post on SlideShare.

Cybernetic Factory

Also found the start of some great discussions I had with John and others, I’ll post through the coming months on the blog under the heading the Zachman Papers :-) You’ll see why I think John is so brilliant abstracting concepts to core models and principles. While some feel the Framework is dated, I think they miss the point. Its a coordinate system and taxonomy to understand the concepts, artifacts and how they relate to define an Enterprise.


Additionally, some of the discussions below are around object oriented approaches and modeling of enterprise. These were great discussions to have to lend clarity on what was the purpose and limitation of models & simulations which led to researching Jay Forster’s Industrial Dynamics and a tongue in check article I wrote about semantics and search several years back “Is Christie Brinkley an Enterprise Model?” which documented a censored but true story.

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End results of discussions. The first layer of what I had hoped would be a three layer set of document sets moving from conceptual architecture to physical implementation [Design Enterprises that Build Things]

CIM White Paper

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