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Reading through Office 365 documentation this morning while I download Visio to my desktop. A long list of options to choose from and some combinations that one questions, but I’m not the typical business user in that I build many of the tools I need out of the entire office suite. Too bad they don’t have a Office 365 package for developers. Looks like I’d narrowed it down one of three: Small Business Premium (I planning on using my subscription for my wife’s business), Midsize Business or the Enterprise (E3) package. It looks like Small Business Premium will be the winner given I already bought a subscription and Dana doesn’t trust using the cloud. So I’ll use this site for the book and related documents.

In the meantime I’ve started brainstorming how I’m going to deliver the methodology. Last time I build an MS Access application to document it. However, clients at the time didn’t want to have a workflow application with a measurement system built in. An idea ahead of its time for IT and Management Consulting organizations. [Built a similar system for design engineering (just short of a PLM system) in the 80s for a 2nd tier Aerospace & Defense vendor, however, they didn’t survive the defense cutbacks of the time] This time I want to build it into either SharePoint or Azure, that way professionals will be guided through the workflow and templates that are integrated rather than complete forms and transcribe data. The original MS Access application I created B.A.S.E. worked this way and enabled me to cut transcribing and analysis costs by over 75%. The results were great! Delivered a consulting engagement for the client in half the time with a quarter of the people and twice the actionable content than BIG 5 competition then.

I t looks like SharePoint as Azure is not part of the smaller packages. Most of today will be spent getting Home Office back into shape. Got printer #1 running, still need to get CAT6 to my primary desktop workstation and my docking station for my Surface Pro –wish they had a power adapter for my Targus advanced docking station. It would be great not have to have multiple power cords -Steve S & Steve B I like the magnetic attachment but think it was a mistake not to have supported the aftermarket. Still haven’t figured out were or how I’m going to relocate my servers which are laying idle till I swap out 32 for 64 motherboards as well as where all my whiteboards are going. Wall space is at a premium now. One the positive side my primary office now has a sliding glass door giving a lot of natural light –though for me this has never been a priority, I’ll trade useable wall space for book cases and white boards for windows almost any time.

Well enough for this morning, time of some coffee and back to setting up the office space.

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