Studying Government 2.0?

Interested in how students of public policy can shape their experience and become fluent in Government 2.0? Check out new blog post at wethegoverati blog:

Most importantly, please comment and let us know what we are missing or should think about when shaping our time as Master of Public Policy students!


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Its very much an “eat your vegetables” kind of endeavor, but as an MPP, I found some substantive consideration of public administration and public management theory and practice helpful for my work as a fed in IT. Some serious consideration of how the Gov 2.0 discussion can be informed by lessons learned in the “reinventing government” experiment of the 1990’s could produce some interesting ideas.

Yasmin Fodil

I really like the idea of looking at back at the “reinventing govt” experiment. Its something that we could do as a workshop and I agree would be totally worthwhile. Thanks, Matt!