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MA Veteran and Family Portal RFP

The Massachusetts Broadband Institute just released an RFP to develop and implement the Massachusetts Veterans and Family Portal to help untangle information about benefits and services for veterans and their families in MA. The MBI has embarked on this project in partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Veterans Services and the Home Base Program, aRead… Read more »

Interview with Phil Ting: Openness in Elections and Government

While in San Fransisco last month I had the pleasure of interviewing San Fransisco Mayoral Candidate and Harvard Kennedy School alum Phil Ting. We talked all things gov20, and had a fascinating conversation about his campaign, life working in SF government, and his thoughts around what public policy students need to learn to be leadersRead… Read more »

Who are the Small Town Open Gov Rockstars we should host on future calls? Tell us below!

For the next few months I’ll be working with Community Matters to host a series of conference calls on Open Government. These calls will specifically focus on implementation of Open Government in cities and towns across the country, and the content of the calls will be driven by the participants. I’m hoping this series isRead… Read more »

Where Malcom Gladwell Left Off: Social Media & Next Generation Democracy

This post originally appeared on my blog, Last month Malcom Gladwell wrote an article in the New Yorker: “Small Change: Why the Revolution Will Not be Tweeted.” I’ve been thinking about this article ever since it came out, and people have asked me to respond on several occasions. When I read Next Generation DemocracyRead… Read more »

Book Review – “Next Generation Democracy: What the Open Source Revolution Means for Power, Politics, and Change”

One of the reasons I started BYO was so that I could work with clients I believe in, and help push forward values and ways of governance and civic engagement that I think will change this country and the world for the better. So far we’ve been able to realize that goal, especially in ourRead… Read more »

Five Recommendations for Educating Leaders in Technology and Government 2.0

Originally posted at my blog Last month I attended the Belfer Center’s Conference on Technology and Governance 2.0. The conference featured amazing attendees – Ellen Miller (Sunlight), Mike Klein (Sunlight), Karen Gordon Mills (US Small Business Administration), Mitch Kapor (Electronic Frontier Foundation), Paul Sagan (Akamai), Susan Crawford (Cardozo), Jonathan Zittrain (Harvard), Nicco Mele (Harvard/EchoRead… Read more »