Success Rule #19A – Understand The Change Process

Last time I introduced you to the rule, Anticipate Change. Anticipating and working through change becomes easier if you understand what’s going on in your head or the head of others around you. Make no doubt about it, all of us go through this process. Granted it is relative. For some it may simply be a bump in the road, for others, a particular change could be a deep trough they have a difficult time climbing out.

Think of a U-shaped model. At the top and to the left of the U is a flat straight line. This is the status quo – our comfort zone. At the moment of change there is a drop in productivity (personal and/or organizational). This drop in productivity is the result of the grieving process we go through and will continue until we finish grieving. The first phase of grieving is denial, followed by negotiation, then anger; at the bottom of the U is the depression phase and finally with acceptance the U turns back up to where it not only returns to the status quo of productivity but if learning and growth takes place then it will surpass the old status quo and create a new one. The unfortunate aspect of this is some people never do get past the anger or depression stage and will remain less productive in their job, relationships, and lives. As is often said, we may not be in control of the changes that affect us, but we are 100% in control in deciding how we will respond to them. For some it may simply be a bump in the road. For others, well, let’s just say there are some angry, miserable people out there. Which are you?

Next let’s talks about a couple techniques you can use to help us get to the acceptance phase quickly. Until then . . . be extraordinary!

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