Or as my dad used to say, “Quit your belly aching.” You know what? Life isn’t fair, and in fact sometimes it just downright stinks. Yup, sometimes you’ll get stuck with a crappy assignment, maybe you have a boss who is ill prepared for their role, or the person in the cube next to you is an absolute idiot. And? …In the military we called it quibbling. You don’t want to get the reputation as a whiner; it doesn’t look good on a resume. Besides, what is moaning going to do? It’s pointless and makes you look petty. It usually results in turn downed lips and that’s not attractive. It wastes your time and those you subject your moaning to. It’s demotivating and attracts other whiners creating a vicious cycle.

So what to do if you catch yourself getting ready to complain. Be prepared with a solution to whatever it is you’re going to complain about. Be part of the solution, not just another whiner disguised as a “devil’s advocate”. No one asked for a Devil’s Advocate. If you don’t have a better solution then you’re not allowed to whine. Here’s another one. Have the urge to complain about a coworker, your boss? Make it a rule you’re going to take it to them in person. If they’re not around or available, keep it to yourself. Talking behind another’s back is petty and lacks integrity. It makes others wonder what you’re saying about them behind their back. With that said think about the rule, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing at all.

Be Extraordinary!

Anthony Tormey

Founder & CEO

Leader Development Institute

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