SUCCESS RULE # 38 – Never Stop Learning

Today’s rule, Never Stop Learning, is written by my Executive Assistant, Cindy Lee. Cindy has been with me for a little over two years. She has brought with her over 20 years of experience in a variety of office settings. She has also brought a “thirst” to know more and a desire to be a successful assistant to me.

Cindy also has her own passion, a passion for writing. She has a gift for words, both written and spoken. To that end, when she suggested writing some Rules for Success that she has used to guide her path to success, I said “Go for it”.

As always, your feedback and comments are appreciated. Tell me how something you learned has impacted your success. E-mail me at [email protected] or click here for an online comment form.

You’re awesome! Be extraordinary!

Anthony Tormey

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As the fall of each year arrives, the new school year brings about much hub-bub. School shopping, last minute vacations, children getting back into the habit of going to bed early, parents rejoicing over children going to bed early, college students in transition and teachers making classrooms ready, are all part of the final frenzy before that first day. Do you remember those days? You may not have the “back to school” syndrome, but you should never stop learning.

Success is something that is ever changing. What you know now to be successful, will not necessarily be what you need to know to stay successful. Unless that is, you plan to stay in the position you‘re currently in for the rest of your life. Even in that case, you will most likely be required to learn something new just to maintain the status quo.

Over my many (and I won’t say how many) years of employment I have learned all sorts of things. From how to properly scoop ice cream, to reading “specs” enabling me set up drill presses, to weighing garbage trucks, to operating a computer and its’ many programs, to being an executive assistant. Most recently, I have learned how to design & build websites. In each position, I have strived to be the best; the only way to do that was to keep learning.

In some instances, only professional training will do. In many instances, informal learning is just as beneficial. To learn Microsoft applications, I took formal classes. To learn about web site design, I sat in the comfort of my own home and viewed webinars. To be an executive assistant at LDI, I pulled from everything I already knew and learned as much as I could about LDI. I am still learning!

Learning is not something you can always attribute to any one particular class or experience. Some of it comes from the necessity of everyday life. Ever been to a strange place and need to find your way around? In the 21st century, some folks use GPS(Global Positioning System). Before you could use it, you had to learn how to operate it. Before GPS, we used maps. Somewhere you had to learn how to read and use one. Every time you upgrade a cell phone, a computer, a car…you have to learn to use it.

Sometimes, it is a matter of re-learning. The way you used to do something may not be the best way to do it. So, you re-learn the better way. This is especially true as your success grows. As you come into contact with new people, new ideas, new situations, and new responsibilities – you need to learn to deal with each of these with an “I want to know more.” attitude.

Train your mind to learn from everything around you. Ask questions. (See rule #23) Whether it is in a classroom, a seminar, an on-line course or just observing people and things around you, you should never stop learning!

Learn something new today. Be Extraordinary!

Cindy Lee

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