It‘s not always enough just to know your job. Be known for something different than everyone else, become a Subject Matter Expert (SME). It has to be useful and relevant and in doing so it will not only attract the attention of your boss but also your friends, co-workers and others who upon learning about your unique set of skills or knowledge can bring opportunities your way.

In my industry (professional speakers/trainers) many of my peers and friends do exactly that, they brand themselves as SMEs, The Virus Dr (he‘s created a niche market for computer security and protecting personal and business computers from Malware, viruses, etc. The Employment Lady (an LDI trainer) is an expert in helping others get jobs and keep them. The Shortcut Queen (also an LDI trainer), is extraordinary in teaching others how to be more effective and efficient with MS Office. Although Leader Development Institute is fast becoming a recognized training company nationwide, Anthony Tormey is, ―Your personal guide to effective leadership.

A friend of mine was intrigued with Asian culture, China specifically. Although he learned some mandarin, he really became an expert in Chinese culture. That was several years ago. When China started opening up more he was in a very good position to advance his career.

I had a participant share with me that she loved to go out on the town. She knew the restaurants, the clubs, the theaters – the events going on around the city. At first it seemed irrelevant, and she didn‘t really do much to make it known. One time she made the ―mistake of sharing a suggestion with the boss as to where to take an out of town customer. Soon she started hosting others from out of town and found herself on the company, ―wine and dine circuit.

Yup, once she was with the big bosses she too advanced her career. Let me be very clear, she was excellent at her job, and her promotions were the direct result of her job related skills . . . once leadership had an opportunity to learn more about them.

Be the go to person in your organization. The individuals above have carved out there niche, you can to with your skills, talents, expertise or flair.

Be Extraordinary!


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Great post and so true! Finding your niche might just save your job these days! People forget they need to step up and prove themselves valuable/show their worth. Every person in an organization may be expendable, but if you fill a niche – the organization may not want to part with you.