Successful digital engagement course launches

Today my new online course, successful digital engagement, kicks off over at School of Digital.

I’m excited, and nervous. I’ve not done something like this before. I’m pretty sure it should work, from my experience working at Learning Pool and all the reading I’ve done recently about online education.

It ought to work because it is focused on a small, well managed community of learners; gives them space to explore, talk and reflect; focuses on learners’ specific needs; and provides one to one mentoring as well as general training across the whole group. The one thing it misses is the enthusiasm that emerges from being in the same room – but hopefully the flexibility makes up for that.

We’ve got 10 paying customers on the course, which is good going for the first of its kind. I’m going to be learning as much as anyone else on this particular course.

My initial feeling on the first day is good. I get the content and can see how it all slots together. Key will be maintaining the interest and enthusiasm of the learners.

What next though? I will definitely be running successful digital engagement again – what what other topics would work well for this format?

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