Supporters still betting on maglev for Las Vegas

What happens if the proposed high-speed rail project between Las Vegas (NV) and Victorville (CA) falls through? Plan B, say some, is to revive the magnetic levitation option originally proposed for the Nevada – Southern California market and still supported by selected agencies in both states. “We’re still pursuing all possibilities to make this happen,” said Neil Cummings, president of American Magline Group. “Unfortunately, there’s been no communication from the Federal Railroad Administration, which has been beyond frustrating.” Kevin Coates, executive director of the North American Maglev Transport Institute, compared investment in maglev technology to the construction of the transcontinental railroad in the nineteenth century. “It’s absolutely irresponsible for the U.S. government to ignore this kind of development, and the line between Las Vegas and Southern California is a golden opportunity to leapfrog the technology of the past and reinvigorate and re-energize our manufacturing technology,” he said. Link to full story in VegasInc.

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