Survey: The Role of the Social Media Office

I am preparing to write a post talking about the evolution of the Social Media Office in government. Some of the questions that are coming up are where does training belong in the agency? Where does innovation belong? Who owns these things? How can we be more successful? In order to help address answer some of these I am looking for your help.

The survey I have designed will ask you a total of 22 questions about how your agency has implemented some form of a Social Media Office or that they haven’t. I am interested in knowing what functions these offices are providing and how you are delegating the various responsibilities throughout your agency. These answers I think will be insightful to others just starting off since we are not only looking for what is working, but what are the areas we need to focus on as we continue forward. This survey is meant for any one who works in some kind of government office/agency at all levels of government including those outside of the United States. An aggregation of the results will be used in my blog entry. The complete results will be available upon request but will not include the name or email address of respondents.

I appreciate you input to my survey and look forward to the results. Also, to be clear this survey is not being conducted on behalf of the U.S. Government or the Department of State. This survey does not reflect official government opinion or any policy. This survey is being conducted in my personal capacity. Any questions about this survey or the results may contact me at [email protected]. Thank you.

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Awesome – looking forward to the results.

From meeting a lot of these folks the last year at federal and state/local level, they seem usually based in Comm/Pub Affairs. Others are in IT or in special centers like Innovation.

Louise K

I think innovation belongs ‘everywhere’. Otherwise, are you saying that the ideas and sparks which come from outside the ‘innovation unit’ are less worthy than the ones which come from within it? Are you discouraging people who are naturally innovative from being that way because they happen to want to be employed in archives rather in innovation?

Lovisa Williams

@Louise K I am not trying to propose everyone shouldn’t be innovative, but in some organizations this is acceptable and in others they develop special offices for this. In other cases this responsibility is put as part of a larger office. Sometimes more than one. I am most interested in how various levels of government are addressing these issues if they are addressing them at all. I don’t necessarily believe there is a right or wrong answer except if you don’t think about these issues at all.

Lovisa Williams

@GovLoop Yes I would agree, but I hope to discover some interesting models that are working for other people. Even more interesting will be to see what responsibilities are covered and where.

Lovisa Williams

Yes, I will share the aggregated data when the survey is complete. A summary will be part of the blog post, but will provide a more detailed version here for the community.

Andrew Krzmarzick

Great work, Lovisa. Can’t wait to see what people come up with around training and innovation…and to see if we can bring some valuable resources to the table in meeting those needs.

Also, it might be interesting to compare some of the data from the survey Ari and I conducted a couple years ago to see how perceptions have changed in that time…

Louise K

@lovisa – Sorry, I think I came across really badly.

Over here, we’re still talking about where innovation sits, irritatingly, instead of acknowledging it happens and just getting on with it. Will watch with great interest for the results to come out.

Yours, an impatient do’er.