Surviving a Government Shutdown

So I wasn’t around for the 1995/1996 shutdown adventure. However, I did survive last years snowstorms in the DC area. Here are my four simple (humorous) rules to survive a shutdown.

1. Keep a well-stocked liquor cabinet. Or a poison of your choice. You should anticipate at least stocking 2 weeks worth of alcohol– you’ll be well prepared for guests too.

2. Shower daily to maintain a routine, but still change into a new set of pajamas anyway. Like Rebecca Black says, “Gotta be fresh.”

3. Go for daily excursions. Especially if you don’t follow rule 1, you’ll need more adult beverages. Get some exercise to keep fit.

4. Make snow angels. This only really works for snow storms. Unless there is a freak spring storm OR the furlough lasts until winter. But I guess that rule implies that you should keep your thinking positive.

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Shelly Nuessle

1.Covered, although PEPCO cut my power for a while today, so I was afraid I was going to have to go through it just to use up my ice…

2. Well, I don’t have a lot of jammies, but I will put on a clean tshirt with my yoga pants.

3. I promise to at least go to Giant to get ice & Powerball Tickets

4. I am thinking of building a beer can wall like we did in college…

Seriously, I am going to find somewhere to volunteer if I can’t do my job. And maybe someone who if offering discount drinks to us “non-essentials”

Allen Sheaprd


Love the volunteer idea – after a week in jammies to unwind of course.

Unlike the big shutdown of ’95 the weather is getting warmer.

Do not forget to prep for the next shutdown in 2027 – 16 years from now.