“Sweet GovTweets” – Fri 1 May, 2009 edition

Apologies for errors in advance. Here are a few tweets from the tweet stream (have not clicked on any of the links)

@Nextgov RT White House launches official twitter feed: @whitehouse #gov20 #obama

@levyj413 EPA has launched a new mapping app called My Environment. Check it out http://twurl.nl/pdoau8 #gov20

@ariherzog: Snapshot in Twitter Time: Here is a screen shot of the first 18 followers of @whitehouse… http://tr.im/kfpI #gov20

@ariherzog: @whitehouse is now added to http://tr.im/usgovtwit #gov20 — and a question develops: is @ondcp not used anymore? That was official, yes?

@immunity: What will it take for Gov2.0 to succeed? http://ow.ly/4KtV #gov20 @zerostrategist and @sradick are mentioned. #e20

@ariherzog: FOR YOUR CALENDARS: Sunday 5PM ET @ http://gov20radio.com: Ari, @krazykriz & @levyj413, talking metrics. #gov20 radio

@lathropd: Kundra says government IT needs to be more transparent, cheaper and better. Amen. #gov20 http://bit.ly/Td15

@lostonroute66: great discussion today with LoC eScience team. managing schema/metadata as #gov20 creates what I’m calling #gov20mashups

@immunity: Intellipedia Inches Toward Acceptance – General News http://ow.ly/4JZb (I disagree, the numbers & global issues say otherwise). #gov20

@mjmclean: Maybe we need a common sense, not SM policy RT @pdesrochers:Web 2.0 comments from CDN Privacy Commissioner #gov20 http://tinyurl.com/dx92r8

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