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“Sweet GovTweets” Mon 30 March, 2009 edition

Apologies for errors in advance:

@gov20camp: Government 2.0 Camp Recap and Next Steps: http://tinyurl.com/c2677s #gov20camp #gov20

@adrielhampton: Politicians on Twitter #gov20 #opengov http://tinyurl.com/aes8g6

@web20blog: White house Open for Questions made into wordles. http://tinyurl.com/peoplesvoice #gov20

@CityHallReport: Montreal Mayor Tremblay’s party has launched a web consultation on its election campaign http://ow.ly/1GxF #gov20

Currently using Twitter, in class, to demonstrate the utility of Web 2.0 & new media tools #gov20 #gov20camp

Local gov elected official experiments with Twitter – sends tweets from the council table during meetings http://ow.ly/1GAB #gov20

reading @davidcjames pose: “As the government becomes more transparent, will lobbying activity decrease?” http://tinyurl.com/cycff7 #gov20

@gov20camp: Would it be good if the government was joining the ‘customer service’ conversation in real-time? http://is.gd/pzgv #gov20

@karvestski: @cheeky_geeky gov shouldn’t join convo before ready/willing/able. Fervently resist change. I volunteered 2 yrs on local gov site. #gov20

Writeup of Government 2.0 Camp by @CraigNewmark in the @HuffingtonPost: http://is.gd/pEWV #gov20

Gov20Camp is over, but something else is starting by @matthewburton – http://is.gd/pEYK #gov20

Govt 2.0 Camp recap: http://bit.ly/go9Jz “An unconference is the epitome of collaboration” @mixtmedia (http://bit.ly/RiBzP) #gov20

@emergingtech: Preparing for X12 Tech Assess mtg. Later I’ll post update about new project for future HIPAA data standards. #healthcare #egov #IT #gov20

@mweditor: Georgia lawmakers embrace social networking media to interact w citizens, control the message http://ow.ly/1GMn #gov20

Reading: “Govt Experimenting W/Twitter from @davefleet; #gov20 ( http://tinyurl.com/d6lo6g )

@jools644: all sessions from #gov20 camp can be found here http://tinyurl.com/c3qgzj wish I could have been there

@levyj413: Promo for next #gov20camp : 2 days (dramatic music). 110 sessions. 500 owners. #Gov20 Camp 2010 (“we will, we will ROCK YOU!”)

@nextgov: John Johnson is announcing his retirement from GSA, FSA CIO Ed O’Hara will replace him at GSA’s Information Technology Service #gov20

@demsoc: Government 2.0 Camp Recap and Next Steps: http://tinyurl.com/c2677s #gov20camp #gov20 (via @Gov20Camp)

“We can no longer afford to work at the speed of government.” – Brian Humphrey, LAFD PIO #gov20

to ARP or not to ARP? (leaning towards yes) : Government 2.0: architecting for collaboration http://tinyurl.com/32ssyu #gov20

Flickr’s current “Most Interesting” pics from #gov20camp: http://tr.im/hZUS #gov20 #opengov

or anyone who reads my blog but wasn’t online yesterday, I did a write up on a gr8 video from #gov20camp – www.fromthegrassroots.com #gov20

@govloop: just updated my work Gov 2.0 briefing from April 2008. Previously – no Twitter mention and no Gov 2.0 term mentioned. #gov20 #govloop

@justgrimes: Does anybody know where I can find a copy of the actual agreement(s) that GSA signed with social media sites? #gov20 #gov20camp

@justgrimes I asked that at the event; while I didn’t get anything authoritative, it doesn’t seem likely. Let me know if you do? #gov20

@yasminfodil: Our nation’s largest public school system is now on twitter – this is big & y’all should follow! @nycschools #gov20 #education #supercool

Juan Enriquez on getting gov/tech projects started: “In life two things matter: Nike & Nissan; Just do it and enjoy the ride!” #gov20 #hks

CNET: “If you’re not prepared to respond, don’t tell people [you are]. People know when something is inauthentic.” http://bit.ly/PHu0 #gov20

@dfletcher Pawlenty (MN) unveils Web site to track government spending — http://tinyurl.com/cjfjhc #transparency #gov20

@planetrussel: Are you part of Generation “C?” – @krazykriz’ presentation on #Web20, #Gov20 & workforce generations www.tr.im/i0yO from #Gov20Camp

@govloop: just got an email about contractor job for web2/government. feel free to DM if interested and i’ll pass u the email #gov20

@govloop: On GovLoop: Cool post by @levyj413 on Gov20 Camp: View from co-organizer http://bit.ly/yf1vR http://bit.ly/yf1vR #govloop #gov20

@dslunceford: @TweetCongress, you deserve the Sunlight foundation grant just for the props you gave them on #gov20 radio yesterday: http://tr.im/hX9j 😉

@timgriesbach: Interesting post article for #gov20 crowd – Teaching FB gen the ways of Washington http://bit.ly/qYz5J

New blog post: Transparency and Finding Information on Government Web Sites http://ow.ly/1JcQ #gov20

@lyne_robichaud: @cheeky_geeky I must admit I had a tear or 2 when I saw Diane Cline’s sketch/resume of goverati at NOAA http://tinyurl.com/cctrp5 #gov20

@mweditor: Rhode Island Treasurer’s Office takes to Twitter – will report the state’s cash flow on a real-time, daily basis http://ow.ly/1Jkf #gov20

@lvourts: Fox 5 will have a story at 10pm about Clark County Court’s use of Twitter @lvcourts and a look at Metro’s use of Twitter @lvmpd. #govloop

@planetrussell: Seattle.gov: every fire truck dispatch published to MS Virtual Earth w/in 60 secs. #gov20 #gov20camp #opengov RT @rodbeckstrom

@planetrussell: “Government 2.0 Camp was the most astounding example of the wisdom IN crowds I’ve ever witnessed.” | RT @eperlman #opengov #gov20

@planetrussell: Flickr’s current “Most Interesting” pics from #gov20camp: http://tr.im/hZUS #gov20 #opengov

@planetrussell: @meznor Great! Canadian cities, provinces should have their own #gov20 #opengov initiatives. Canada = early adopters of Social Media.

@silona: If you think @Silona is too chatty but still want to hear about #opengov and #BPopenGov that I am involved in- subscribe to @lotv

@adriel4congress: “12-Point Platform for Radical Reform” http://tinyurl.com/radicalreform #p2 #rebelleft #topprogs #tcot #CA10 #gov20 #opengov

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