“Sweet GovTweets” Sat 11 April 2009 edition

Apologies for erros in advance.

@EllnMllr Who’s actually making the TARP decisions? Curious. So was Sunlight. http://bit.ly/3ryU15 #opengov #gov20

Wow! Look at the boring http://house.gov and http://senate.gov | Then be stunned at the redesigned and pretty http://parliament.uk #gov20

@adrielhampton: “SF City Attorney Joins Twitter” http://bit.ly/PgRJC #gov20

@governingpeople; 10 British city councils were awarded £620,000 to engage citizens online. Details at http://tr.im/iB8P via @faheyr #gov20

@edahms: Web 2.0 has potential to be the next revolution within democracy via transparency: http://bit.ly/Zwtss #gov20 @Dwatson783

@dbast: I’m thinking the Gov’t of Canada shld make an iPhone app. Anything. Something. How long are lawyers looking at this? Answer: TOO LONG #gov20

@pbroviak: Here is my blog post coverage of MuniGovCon09 – includes a digital scrapbook of the event: http://tinyurl.com/c8klbh #gov20

@bashley: Post and presentation razors from @designthinkers “Design Thinkers on Sustainable Design” Listen #gov20 types! http://bit.ly/TxTgr

@lewisshepherd: How one city office (San Fran City Attorney) determined policies for its new Twitter account http://tr.im/iEcL #gov20

@adrielhampton: #gov20 can lead in health care reform -“The Patient Will See You Now” http://bit.ly/48zERe (via @socialfeds)

@govloop: New Poll on GovLoop – When Will Gov 2.0 Really Take Off? #gov20 #govloop

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