“Sweet GovTweets” – Wed 29 April, 2009 edition

Apologies for errors in advance. Here are a few tweets from the tweet stream (have not clicked on any of the links)

@wtneary: Hmm never occurred to me to put twittering as resolution in Lakewood RT @MWEditor: http://ow.ly/4ruG & http://ow.ly/4rsa #gov20

@mweditor: From teachers to business people to municipal councillors, the locals are twittering away in Fayetteville http://ow.ly/4rsa #gov20

@justinherman: From @Immunity guest posting on ZDNet Blogs – “You Were Never 1.0, but get ready for Enterprise 2.0” http://bit.ly/FhpNj #Gov20

@adrielhampton: Congrats, @GovLoop, on more than 10,000 members in less than a year! #gov20 #opengov

@loveisatalk: 150 mobile devices to 100 ppl in Estonia. 100% mobile penetration & free public WiFi. Must be nice! #gov20

@citizentools: transparency lets us judge govt efficiency, but how2judge if govt efficient at right things? (via Seattle CIO http://bit.ly/9Nsbl ) #gov20

@jake_brewer: Google unveils new tool to find public data in murky gov websites http://tinyurl.com/clhgpx #gov20

@kellyobrien: Livestreaming NIST Fire Modeling Conf. to worldwide participants, including chat, polls, Q&A, video feed http://tinyurl.com/d2wuvf #gov20

@larryfreed: Citizens are less satisfied with gov’t websites. http://tinyurl.com/crqfet #w3cegov #govwebcon #govloop #gov20

@you2gov: Google making big Gov Data push. One example. rt: @UtahGov Google now charts Utah’s unemployment rate: http://bit.ly/IYbpy #gov20

@cheeky_geeky: The OhMyGov! Interview: @cheeky_geeky -> http://tinyurl.com/cowu2n #gov20

@socialfed: Epractice: egov sharing portal for the European Union. http://tinyurl.com/c3l6uj #gov20

@cdorobek: Going over ideas being suggested on @natldialogue – they have hundreds so far. Yours? http://www.thenationaldialogue.org #gov20

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