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What makes a great tech blog? It takes great staff, an actionable vision, and timely/accurate reporting. It also takes leaders who don’t mind hard work and who are good at engaging with the community.

How do you know which tech blogs have found that magic blend? The great tech blogs have a history of delivering high quality reporting. They have proven past performance in bringing insights to their readers.

We assembled our list of the top 15 tech blogs and provide them below in the form of a TwitChimp widget. This is based on a very subjective methodology. This is the list that overtime we found we had to follow on a daily basis or we would miss hot stories.

We have been maintaining this list on TwitChimp for a while. The only recent change is we re-ordered it to put SiliconANGLE at the top (you can’t reorder your tired old lists on Twitter can you? But you can with TwitChimp). We put SiliconANGLE at the top because they have just been nailing it when it comes to stories enterprise technologists really care about. Great job guys!

Click the follow button next to any of these to follow, or click on the list name to learn more about the account and what they have been tweeting about. You can also view top words in all tweets, and top tags in all tweets, and can click on any of those to kick off a Twitter search.

We know there are many other tech blogs out there, and love many others besides these, but they are the ones we cannot do without. If you have tech blogs you cannot do without please let us know who they are, we will check them out and would most appreciate hearing from you on this. Please use the suggest form at:

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