The Most Innovative Mayors In The U.S.

According to Newsweek Magazine the five most innovative Mayors in the U.S. are:

Mitch Landrieu – (New Orleans for his education efforts)
Michael Bloomberg – (New York for his public safety efforts)
Rahm Emanuel – (Chicago for his open data efforts)
Sly James – (Kansas City for his entreprenuer efforts)
Mick Cornett – (Oklahoma City for his quality of life efforts)

I love this quote from the article:

“While Washington seems paralyzed by partisan bickering, America’s mayors are busy putting ideas into action. City hall is increasingly a place for bold experimentation. Unlike Congress, there’s no fiddling over the fiscal cliff or divisions into angry, ideological, debating societies. As communities climb out of the great recession, pragmatism is forcing innovation. Success requires strong leadership and a vision of politics as the art of what works.”

Where oh where are the elected officials who are:

– Turning ideas into action
– Pushing for bold experimentation
– Undertaking pragmatic innovation
– Displaying strong leadership
– Putting forth a vision of politics as the art of what works

Why aren’t there more elected officials with the above mentioned qualities?

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