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My Brother sent me this entry from the site and I thought it had some great tips. There were several I had never heard of…

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Scott Horvath

There’s a lot of good ones in the comments as well. I always tell people that if you’re using Windows, and even Mac, the right-click button on the mouse is the most powerful feature available. There are so many different options no matter what you click when you’re using the right-mouse button.

The other ones that I’ve had to tell several people are increasing their screen resolution (giving them more space on their desktop) by right-clicking on the desktop and choosing Properties > Settings. Many don’t know they can do that and accept the default. The other is dragging a box, using the mouse, around a group of files and then pressing F2 on the keyboard to do a batch rename. Just hit F2, type a name and return, and every file you’ve selected will be named the same exact thing, but appended with (1), (2), etc. Oh, and ALWAYS select the files in reverse-order of the way you want them named. So if you have 10 files, start by selecting the bottom file in the list first and then dragging the box to the top file…then hit F2. That way all the files will be named starting with the top file and then down in order.

Tom Vannoy

Scott, thanks for the add on! I have never heard of the batch rename before and can recall many times where it would have been extremely useful – particularly for digital photos I have.