Whistleblower Protection Act Bill, on Hold?

With last week’s historical bail out bill being passed by the House, most mainstream media missed another piece of legislation that was supposed to have gone to the floor. Now this bill is barely breathing thanks to a handful of republican senators. The final Whistleblower Protection Act bill was blocked the night before the House voted yes on the bail out bill.

The secret holds, by multiple unknown senators from the Republican caucus, have temporally frozen this piece of vital legislation. The White House has threatened to veto Senate and House Whistleblower bills and, according to whistleblower.org, is behind the holds on the current bill.

The overwhelming bipartisan support for this bill makes it a given that if it makes it to the floor it will pass. The hold couldn’t come at a worse time with congress passing the bail out bill. Why? Because Whistleblowers are the ones that are going to endure that this bail out bill is carried out, as it should be.

Government employees, from the local and state levels all the way to the federal level, are American’s insurance policy. They are the men and woman who are going to speak out when fraud, waste, and just general abuse of power become apparent.

That’s why the Whistleblower Protection Act bill was created. To protect the government employees who are the eyes and ears of the American people. That’s also why the bipartisan support for this bill is so strong. And it’s just absurd that one small group of Senators who are backing the white house’s anti-Whistle Blower stance are keeping it from happening.

The worst part is the media. Now, I can’t say for sure that somewhere someone has reported this story, because I’m not everywhere all the time, and I don’t have CNN on 24 hours a day. But I have not seen word one about it on the news. With all the coverage of the bail out bill, you’d think that more news network would have given this story some airtime.

People need to know that one of the most important factors to making the bail out work is by ensuring that the people carrying out this legislation are protected. That these government employees will continue to be the eyes and ears of the American public, and will be protected by the very laws they work so hard to carry out everyday.

The American people need to understand that government employees are our lifelines, and bills like the Whistleblower Protection Act are crucial to the greater good.

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Wow. I didn’t know about this – the Whistelblower Protection Act is very important and necessary for a functioning gov’t.