Telework Calculator: See How Much Time, Money, and Greenhouse Gases You Could Be Saving!

What do you think of when you hear “telework”? You might be thinking pajamas, your favorite seat o
n your sofa, time near your cat, and homemade lunches, but as Christina Morrison points out in her interview with Chris Dorobek on the DorobekINSIDER, the benefits of teleworking go well beyond that list.

Morrison is HP’s Government and Public Sector Expert. She speaks from experience about the perks of teleworking; she’s been a teleworker for over ten years and is very pleased with her work environment.

Why Telework?

  • A long commute is a waste of time
  • Commutes are emotionally draining and can detract from productivity and home life
  • It retains employees who otherwise would consider finding work closer to home

The Telework Calculator

GovLoop’s calculator is “designed to help employees put some real hard metrics in front of their management about the benefits of teleworking.” The calculator factors in the # of days per week you plan to telework, the round-trip miles driven a day, vehicle type, and commute time. It produces your annual total cost savings, annual hours of productivity saved and productivity in terms of dollars gained, annual vehicle savings, and pounds of greenhouse gases saved.

Interested in learning more about telework? Join GovLoop’s Teleworkers and Telework Managers group.

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