Ten Rules for Developing Knowledge Management Solutions

One of the hot topics in many organizations right now is knowledge management. Whether its in the context of customer service, business strategy, human resources, or information technology managing knowledge is a serious concern in most organizations. Whenever one of these projects or programs is getting ramped up the temptation is always there to try to create the ultimate source of knowledge and wisdom. DON’T DO IT!
K.I.S.S is the right approach for knowledge management, especially as you get ramped up. Trying to do too much out of the gate or getting overly complex is where you run into trouble.
With that said I here are my ten rules for developing knowledge management solutions:
10. Keep it simple – People want a solution, not to be impressed by your eloquence or wit.
9. Keep it relevant – People care less about why than how.
8. Keep it standard – People like consistency. It’s boring but effective.
7. Keep it short (but complete) – People don’t want to click through to many hyperlinks or read too many articles in order to solve their problem.
6. Keep it accurate – People don’t need to find very many wrong answers before they stop looking for the right one.
5. Keep adding to it – People want answers to today’s problem today.
4. Keep it small – People don’t want to search thousands of answers in search of their answer, prune aggressively and often.
3. Keep it communal – People don’t just want your knowledge, broaden your community and lighten the load.
2. Keep it measured – People want the best answers, have an approach to understanding which answers are working.
1. Keep it easy – People can’t manage these things on their own, make sure you have the right tools.

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