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Pass it On: 9 Ways to Share Knowledge

The mission of your organization can only be accomplished by people with the knowledge, skills, and initiative to make things happen. Capturing and sharing even some of the basics can go a long way in equipping current and future employees to carry on your organization’s important work.

The “De-Siloization” of Knowledge in Government

Most of an organization’s collective wisdom is locked in people’s heads, and not written down for others to search for and use. So, how do you increase the ability of people to know the expertise of their professional colleagues and share it with each other within a large organization?

How the Sharing of “Knowledge Power” Will Tackle Your Agency’s Problems

Without leadership’s proactive, strategic support and guidance, any tech investment into knowledge-sharing will amount to very little. Fortunately, this needed support is taking hold here within the corridors of the Nation’s Capital.

The 10 Essential Tasks of a Knowledge Manager

Nobody wants to think about knowledge management, but everybody needs it. Here are the basic things an organization should have covered as part of its KM system. 1. Establishing an information architecture for multiple user groups, permission levels, and knowledge sharing environments. 2. Maintaining the architecture, adding and removing people from user groups. 3. LocatingRead… Read more »

The Grey Tsunami Problem: Why It’s Really About Communication

The “grey tsunami” was a big topic at my agency a few years back. The expectation was that up to 70% of the agency’s workforce would take early retirement. Massive amounts of tacit knowledge would be lost. In preparation, my team attempted to “crowdsource” the knowledge of the experienced staff. We wanted to convert thatRead… Read more »