Thank a Union Member for the Good Life You Have

Join Your Friends and Neighbors in the Labor Day Parade

On Monday September 2, Americans will observe the 132nd Labor Day celebration. The Allegheny County Labor Council will host its 32nd consecutive parade downtown.

Pittsburgh’s parade is one of the largest Labor Day events in the United States, with nearly 200 groups and 80,000 people participating. The Labor Council has traditionally welcomed any of our elected public officials who care to participate. However, in 2012, the Council banned all Republican politicians from the parade, because of their hypocrisy. Good for them; I hope they keep it up.

Everything good about your standard of living came to you through the organized labor movement. First celebrated by the Knights of Labor in 1882, Congress proclaimed a national holiday in 1894.

Labor unions brought benefits to every working person in America, whether they belonged to a union or not. They are primarily responsible for establishing the middle class. We take these things for granted, but none of them existed before the rise of the unions.

Unions created the day to honor the contributions of all workers – union and nonunion – to our economic and social life. It’s especially important now when corporatists and political thugs are attacking American workers like never before. Do you REALLY believe that teachers caused the Wall Street crash in 2008? Really? Do you REALLY believe that abolishing unions will fix everything that’s wrong with the economy? Really?

Today, our unions are still fighting for our families while the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Republican Party, and others are trying to destroy them. They’re not only trying to destroy unions. They’re coming for you next. Unions made our lifestyle possible. If you want to keep it, then support our unions.

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David B. Grinberg

Thank you, Patricia, for all that you and every gov union does for employees. Your exemplary work is very much appreciated.