Thank you to this week’s Scholarship Fund donors!

Here we are at the end of the second week of our scholarship fund drive for the 2012 NCDD conference and we want to thank this week’s contributers for your generosity!

Our goal is to raise $15,000 from our community to help people from diverse backgrounds make it to NCDD Seattle who may not otherwise be able to join us. We’ve raised $3,175 so far, so we still have a ways to go, so please help out at whatever level you’re able to, at

Our latest contributors:

Linda Welsh, Department Chair, Child Development, Austin Community College District and Sue Woehrlin of Antioch University Seattle both contributed $100. Linda shared that “supporting transformation in how we build deep relationships through dialogue offers one of the best ways to create the kind of world I want for my children and grandchildren” while Sue was kind to say…

The work NCDD is doing is so very important. This conference is going to be quite dynamic and it’s crucial to be inclusive of students and professionals with less means.

Contributing $50 each were Courtney Breese, MA Office of Public Collaboration, NCDD Board Member, Dave Witzel, Chief of Conspiration, and Christopher Bui, the American Focus – Social/Civic Entrepreneur. Courtney, who is playing an important role in this year’s event, added…

I am contributing to the Scholarship Fund because I want to ensure that others will be able to attend this important event. I have enjoyed the benefit of working in an office that has been able to support my development as a practitioner through attending events like this, and I want others to have that same opportunity. The ability to bring youth in particular to the conference will help to better inform the work we do at the conference and going forward together as a field, and contributing to the fund will enable that to happen.

We also received two very generous anonymous contributions of $250 and $50. Along with the latter came this very nice comment:

This isn’t an organisational donation, it’s a personal one. NCDD Conferences have been important to me both in terms of maintaining a network of colleagues I like and admire, and learning from others. Since I still have a job (luckily) I’d like to do a small part in helping to make this opportunity possible for someone else.

Please visit today and contribute what you can to help us build a strong scholarship fund. Scholarships serve to increase diversity among conference participants. We plan to use the scholarship funds we’re able to collect to assist young people and those with lower incomes with registration and lodging costs. We’d also like to use some scholarship funds to help get public administrators with tight budgets to the conference, as we know their involvement and knowledge is highly valued by conference attendees.

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